Manufacturing Company

Vision and Mission Statement

PT. Esa Karya Megatama a member of EKM Group is dedicated to creating open, honest partnership with its customers, employees, and suppliers. These partnerships are based on utilizing the skills, talents and expertise of those involved, to benefit all.

We manufacture and sell quality products with honesty and knowledge. Our vision is to make and serve our customers needs completely satisfied and fulfilled with our products.

We Commited To

*  Understanding our customer’s needs, and providing them with the highest quality, service, and value, allowing them to achieve their goals and market objectives.

*  Creating a friendly, innovative, open workplace allowing all employees to reach their full potential and share in the success of the company.

*  Developing long-term, mutualy beneficial relationships with suppliers who can provide the resources necessary to meet the needs of the company and its customers.

*  Managing the company on a basis of profitable controlled growth, sharing the rewards with those contributing to its success, and investing for the future.

Our employess follow the company philosophy that the customer is number one. We offer excellent service, competitive pricing, and superior quality products.

Manufacturing Capability

PT. Esa Karya Megatama produces and offers a wide variety of products in virtually and quality. In addition, our on-site process development lab allows us to add new products to our offering based on the broader needs of the market, or to custom manufacture based on the specific needs of our customers.




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